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With the advent of new technology trends every day, you can predict what impact the fast changing technology will bring in the future. The year 2018 have a lot in store for the cloud computing as there will be enormous increase in the adoption of cloud computing by various enterprises – be it big, medium or small. With the realization of the value of cloud hosting over self-hosting, the trend increase in the migration to cloud computing is on the rise. Many enterprises or companies are moving to adopt the low-risk applications to start with. The coming year will definitely see the significant acceleration to the trend. The companies are in process of evaluation of their current applications or services and analysis of cloud based environment. The evaluation is based on following factors:

benefits of cloud computing

1. Easy transfer and hosting: The companies are looking forward to the best of the solutions for the transfer of their existing applications to various cloud-based environments available, with a primary objective of not changing their current application structure or architecture.

2. Re-Use and Refactor: The focus to use the existing components and refactor the application code to adhere to the cloud environment.

3. Re-develop or Re-Code: This is the least preferred but still companies look forward to re-develop the current code to make their applications compliant to the new the cloud based infrastructure.

4. Discard Existing: The companies are also analyzing the benefit-vs-cost to discard the existing application and switch to new technologies to create applications for the SAAS and PAAS models.

5. Cost: The cost will be analyzed based on the above 4 factors. As the opportunities in the cloud space increasing every year, so is the rise of many new players. It will be interesting to see the massive competition between the 3 giants of cloud: Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Moreover, new players will also step in to compete with them. Oracle is the one, which we will see rising its share in cloud computing this year.

6. Features and Functionality: The cloud providers will be at war with the each one of them coming up with the unique feature and functionality. Innovations and service will their focus to compete. The benefit will surely pass to the companies looking for the cloud infrastructures. We are going to see low cost, innovative solutions and services coming up this year. In 2018, we have seen the cloud market touch $200 billion mark which was around $145 billion in 2017. Three-fourth of the total market for cloud platform will still remain with the big-3: AWS, Google and Microsoft. In the SAAS space specifically the service and automation, almost 70% will be taken up by Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle.

Cloud platforms will touch $45 billion this year. The revenues are going to soar to new heights as more than 50% of the global companies will shift to public cloud platforms this year. In 2018, the big names are Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Oracle Cloud. With the massive increase in the global data, innovation for new cloud based analytics tools will be on rise. Artificial Intelligence, IOT and Data Analytics are the subjects for the new innovations, scale and deployments. The providers like Salesforce and Workday are making more investments to enrich their platforms with more features and capabilities.

To conclude, the year 2018 has come up with the following focus areas in Cloud Computing.

services of cloud computing

1. Growth of LAAS and PAAS platforms: The year 2018 has reasonably seen the exponential growth in cloud services solutions. More and more enterprises and Businesses are aggressively adopting SaaS, IaaS, and/or PaaS into their business processes and applications.

2. Growth of Data and Data Storage: “Big Data” is trending word in 2018. Service providers will enhance their storage capacities by addition of more data centers with larger storage capacities. The estimated figure of data storage is to grow to around 1.1 ZB this year. The companies using big data will make use of this space to store large sets of data, new analytical tools and come up with the valuable information to get more insights into usage, customer behaviors, and revenues and create future strategies.

3. IoT to IoE: This year, we have also seen the transformation of Internet of things (IoT) to Internet of Everything with the use of new cloud platforms and services. More innovation is expected in these areas this year. As the growth of IoT is anticipated, we will new and continuous innovations in real-time data, analysis and cloud computing, which will give thrust to IoT to shift to IoE as it depends more on communications among machines, data, processing and environment. This will help businesses to get more insights about user behaviors, response to products and services, and Customer satisfaction. Origin of new automation processes, tools and even smart robots will come up.

4. Data security: The cloud computing has seen more cyber-attacks and has to prove its vulnerability to such massive attacks. As the cloud services rise, so will be the challenge to security of data on cloud.

5. APIs based model: Usage of more and more APIs will become the trend for the transfer of information across the systems.

6. Hybrid clouds: In 2018, the growth of Hybrid cloud has been continued. Emergence of new solutions based on hybrid solutions and infrastructure using multiple cloud based PAAS, IAAS and SAAS have been there. Businesses are looking for best-fit or multiple cloud platforms to accomplish their requirements and business objectives, other than stick to single cloud.

7. Thrust to Blockchain: Rise of cloud computing has also given thrust to Blockchain for communications technology space.

Industry Experts are coming up with the many predictions for the cloud computing for the year 2019. We will see a lot happening in this space. However, 2018 will be remembered as a year of rise of exponential growth in Cloud computing. What is your say on that?

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